NHL Reportedly Looking to Make Massive Change to Overtime Rules

Published November 14, 2023 at 1:50 PM

The NHL is reportedly looking at making major changes to the rules of Overtime that could drastically change the way it is currently played.

NHL Considering Changes to Overtime To Encourage Changes in Puck Possession

3-on-3 overtime is some of the most exciting and fun hockey to watch. Players of the highest skill and speed are given extra room to show off their abilities, and are often able to display slick moves that you wouldn't normally see in 5-on-5.

Puck possession is an important strategy to many teams' overtime game plans, and now it appears the NHL is looking to revise how easy it is to maintain puck possession in overtime.

#NHL's Colin Campbell says GMs discussed the idea of changing rule to limit teams from continually looping back and regrouping in 3-on-3 OT.

Potential solutions: Once you cross red or blue line, can't go back out again. Or a shot clock.

Discussions ongoing, tabled to March.

These rule changes would have huge impacts on how overtime is currently played. Now, as the post notes, teams cherish puck possession and are willing to give up position in opposing offensive zones in order to maintain control and re-attack. These rules would make it more difficult.

NHL Should Look To Changing Format Of Overtime Not Necessarily the Rules

Many fans had a quick response to this announcement, saying that they would rather see 3-on-3 overtime be continuous for 10 minutes, instead of the game going into a shootout. While the shootout was a novel way to guarantee an ending to a game, with 3-on-3 overtime, it isn't as necessary anymore.

I like the idea of an over-and-back rule.

What I think would make sense as well, though, is increasing the length of OT. Genuinely believe it would lower the average length, with teams in trouble not being able to rope a dope to get to the shootout for a while longer.

I think a simple motivating factor would be to just get rid of the shootout and say nobody gets the extra point if this game ends after 5-10 minutes of overtime.

It will likely be some time before the NHL makes official changes to overtime, and if they are serious about making changes, we can expect the AHL to act as a guinea pig for the new rules.
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NHL Reportedly Looking to Make Massive Change to Overtime Rules

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