NHL Looks to Steal NFL Broadcast Style to Bolster Views this Season

Published October 3, 2023 at 8:07 PM

The NHL is growing, but it is a constant competition to keep up with the other major sports. Now, it looks like the NHL will steal some of the broadcasting techniques from the NFL.

NHL to Adopt It's Own 'Redzone' Style Broadcast

The NHL is taking some inspiration from the most watched sport in the USA, Football, and one of the most popular ways to watch it - NFL Red Zone, and putting its own spin on it.

It's reported that the NHL will run their own version of Redzone called "Frozen Frenzy" in a test on ESPN this season, on October 24th. That day features all 32 teams, and the NHL will hope to feature every hit, goal, powerplay, and highlight, just like its Redzone Counterpart

The NHL will test-run their own version of NFL Redzone called ‘Frozen Frenzy' on ESPN this season.

It will be on October 24th when all 32 teams play, and they will use it more often in the future if it goes well.

Hosted by John Buccigross, the studio will be bouncing around different games. Fans will see «every power play, every hit, every goal, every highlight.»

There will be as many as 11 games on at once that day, and Frozen Frenzy will aim to show every important moment.


NHL is Trying To Keep Up with Other Major Sports as Push For Attention Continues

The NHL's play to adopt a Red Zone-style broadcast is clearly aimed at trying to get more new American viewers. Allowing viewers to stick to one channel and see only the best of what the NHL has to offer will be electric, just as it is for the NFL.


This effort is likely a hail-mary attempt to stop the recent trend the NHL has seen in its viewership declining. Other attempts have included an animated version of the game (like the NHL recently had), and efforts to add motion graphics for the puck and player names.

If they can pull it off successfully, though, this may just show new viewers what hockey has to offer.
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NHL Looks to Steal NFL Broadcast Style to Bolster Views this Season

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