Gary Bettman Sends Major Cap Punishments to Nearly Half the League

Published April 22, 2023 at 6:07 PM

Performance Bonuses Lead to Cap Penalties for Teams

As teams prepare for performance bonus payouts, some may face significant challenges in the upcoming season.

Bettman Distributes Cap Penalties to 15 Teams

This season saw 15 teams utilize their overage pool, either for rookie performance bonuses or veteran incentive deals. Consequently, these teams will face a reduced maximum cap next season. The Boston Bruins are hit hardest, with Patrice Bergeron and David Krejci accounting for a substantial $4.5-million deduction in cap space for the next season.

Cap Penalty Breakdown for Affected Teams

Boston Bruins: $4,500,000
Philadelphia Flyers: $1,187,500
Montreal Canadiens: $1,170,000
Edmonton Oilers: $850,000
Vancouver Canucks: $850,000
Colorado Avalanche: $637,500
New York Rangers: $610,891
Carolina Hurricanes: $450,000
New Jersey Devils: $422,500
Dallas Stars: $372,829
Florida Panthers: $212,500
Seattle Kraken: $129,910
San Jose Sharks: $25,000
St. Louis Blues: $20,000
Washington Capitals: $20,000

With the cap increasing to $83.5-million for the next season, most affected teams should manage the penalties without much difficulty. However, the Bruins, who recently signed David Pastrnak to a $90-million extension starting next season, may find it challenging to remain competitive.

Further details: NHL announces salary cap punishments for 15 teams for next season on Blade of Steel.
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Gary Bettman Sends Major Cap Punishments to Nearly Half the League

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