Ex-Ref Opens Up About Double Standards For Stars

Published October 12, 2023 at 12:50


Tim Peel, a former NHL referee who officiated over 1,300 regular season games and 90 playoff matches, has publicly admitted to giving star players preferential treatment.

"Did I give the superstars [breaks over the years]? Absolutely, 'cause – guess what – that's what the 18,000 fans are there to see. They're there to see him, not some fourth-line plugger."

During an interview with Jeremy Roenick, Peel explained that star players like Sidney Crosby and Alexander Ovechkin often received breaks because the fans come to games primarily to watch these top players. According to Peel, the spectators aren't there to watch a fourth-line player, but the superstars. However, Peel was clear in stating that certain offenses, like a cross-check to the head, would always be called irrespective of the player involved.

"[For a cross-check to the head], the refs have to call it. The refs are gonna call it. I don't think Hockey Ops says, 'Well, Buffalo's not very good .We shouldn't suspend the other player because they've got a good team and Buffalo's not very good.' I disagree with that."

He countered the idea that decisions were made based on a team's reputation, arguing against the notion of avoiding suspensions because one team was perceived as better than another. Peel's candidness doesn't just stop here. He was dismissed from the NHL in 2021 after a live microphone captured him admitting to giving a "make-up call", intentionally penalized a team to offset a previous erroneous call against their opponents, a practice long suspected by fans but never confirmed until now.

Hot mic alert. Tim Peel will no longer be reffing NHL games...

In honor of the @NHL firing referee Tim Peel today for his hot mic incident, I'd like to play him off with his finest moment as an official when he took a puck to the nuts that ended up in the net

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Ex-Ref Opens Up About Double Standards For Stars

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