BREAKING: Coyotes Relocation Fate Revealed

Published May 16, 2023 at 11:15 PM

The Coyotes had their fate revealed today after the Tempe City Council voted on whether or not to proceed with building the arena! Read more to find out the details!

Coyotes Relocation Fate Revealed

The Arizona Coyotes have had difficulty finding a permanent home in Arizona. Having played in three different cities throughout their tenure in Arizona, the Coyotes have been looking to finally settle down in Tempe.

They proposed a 2.1 billion dollar plan to the Tempe City Council which has been quite divisive. The Coyotes want to stay in Arizona but does Arizona want the Coyotes?

Today the Tempe City Council answered that question!

And the Tempe City Council showed that Arizona does not want the Coyotes to stick around by voting against building the arena.

This is HUGE news for hockey fans in areas without a team currently because this means that the Coyotes will likely have to relocate.

This could potentially mean Canada will get a hockey team back in Quebec but this could also mean that Gary Bettman can call it quits on the Coyotes experiment and relocate them to an area like Houston, Texas, which could better host an NHL franchise.
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BREAKING: Coyotes Relocation Fate Revealed

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