Leafs Prospect Working Hard To Get Back On Track In 2023-24

Published August 11, 2023 at 6:45 PM

The Toronto Maple Leafs have been excellent at hitting on second-round picks in recent years. Last year Matthews Knies broke out and showed his bright future.

Before Knies, we had Nick Robertson. In Robertson's best moments, he has been great. However, injuries have clouded his previously bright future. Now Robertson will be looking to re-establish himself as a piece to the Leafs' puzzle.

Robertson's Injury History

Since being drafted by the Leafs Nick Robertson has had a laundry list of injuries. A fractured fibula, a knee injury, a concussion, and groin injuries have all plagued Robertson since his debut during the 2020-21 season.

In the games he was able to play Robertson has been good. In his most recent stint with the Leafs, he put up 5 points in 15 games. A respectable production for a player just finding his way into the best league in the world.

Robertson Speaks To TSN

Nick Robertson recently spoke with Mark Masters of TSN to talk about his history of injuries and what's next.

"It's frustrating, obviously isn't the start to the pro career that I wanted but it is what it is, like I said the show goes on I have to do my part to get ready for the season. Getting ready to make the Leafs. That has been my main focus since the injury. When I got the surgery in January, I knew from that point on it was time to prepare myself for the next season. To look over fil, to look over areas where I can improve on."

"I am a very fast base player. I need to pick and choose when to use it. When to slow it down or speed up off the wall. Using my skating ability to use my shot which is what I want to do."

While it would be easy for a player to give up hope when facing as many injuries as Robertson has he seems to be staying positive. He is always looking to improve and could be the missing piece that the Leafs need to improve their forward depth. It will be exciting to see if Robertson can put together a full season and get back to the potential so many saw just a few years ago.

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Leafs Prospect Working Hard To Get Back On Track In 2023-24

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