Blackhawks Prospect Undergoes Major Surgery

Published October 1, 2023 at 7:54 PM

The Blackhawks released a statement this afternoon regarding the health of prospect Samuel Savoie after he had to be stretchered off the ice during last night's preseason game.

Blackhawks Physician Confirms Savoie Underwent Successful Surgery

The team physician confirmed he had to have surgery on his right femur. According to this tweet put out by the Blackhawks on behalf of their medical staff, the surgery was successful and Savoie is expected to make a full recovery.

Savoie Has A Long Road To Recovery

It is nice to hear that Savoie should make a full recovery but we do not yet know how long it will keep him off the ice. Femur injuries are relatively rare in the NHL as it is the strongest bone in the human body and it is an area that is reasonably well protected by hockey pants. That being said, femur breaks typically take 4-6 months to recover and the patient is unable to put any weight on the leg for the first two months after surgery.

If Savoie is able to get back on the ice, or even into games this year, that would be a major win for himself and the Blackhawks organization. He was expected to return to the QMJHL this season where he put up 59 points in 60 games last year.

You can see the play where Savoie got injured here: BREAKING: Prospect Stretchered Off the Ice in Excruciating Pain Viewer discretion is advised.
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Blackhawks Prospect Undergoes Major Surgery

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