The Verdict Is In For Jordan Binnington After The Incident With Marc-Andre Fleury

Published March 16, 2023 at 4:23 PM
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We reported earlier that Jordan Binnington and Marc-Andre Fleury almost fought yesterday during the game between the Wild and the Blues. In case you misse it, here's what happened:

Binnington was ejected from the game and given a match penalty for his actions. He was later called to a hearing with the NHL player safety department to face the consequences of his actions.

The verdict is in!

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Binnington suspended two games for roughing and unsportsmanlike conduct

Here's the full statement from the NHL:

With the play long over and as the Wild celebrate the goal Binnington leaves the area of his crease, approaches the unsuspecting conduct and raises his blocker and stick to head level and strikes Hartman in the face with his blocker. This is roughing and unsportsmanlike conduct, what causes this play to rise to the level of a suspension is the act of a goaltender using his blocker in this manner, the retaliatory nature of the blow, the location and force of which it lands and the game circumstances of which it occurred. Recklessly entering an opponent's goal celebration long after the play has ended for the purposes of seeking retribution will not be tolerated.

Do you think the two games suspension is fair?

As reported by Hockey Patrol- Jordan Binnington Suspended for Fighting
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