Don Cherry Speaks Out About Fighting Ban In Junior League

Published March 27, 2023 at 10:50
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The QMJHL recently revealed plans to prohibit fighting in the league starting from the 2023-24 season.

Critics argue that this decision could limit opportunities for players who do not solely rely on their skills.

Don Cherry Speaks Out About Fighting Ban In Junior League

Don Cherry, known for his openness to engage in debates, has now offered his perspective. He discussed the issue with Bobby Nadeau, who experienced a violent encounter with Patrick Roy during his QMJHL days.

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Many assumed Cherry would support the ban due to his background, but surprisingly, he did not.

"He got the heck kicked out of him so they thought 'This is a good guy to talk to because he would be against fighting' but he was pretty good," said Cherry on his most recent podcast. "He said 'This could lead to more vicious play', and the other thing he said was 'Will lead to players feeling more brave with their stick' and nobody expected him to be the guy [to take that position.»

"Is this going to fully abolish fighting?" asked Nadeau as per the Canadian Press. "Maybe it'll be at a lower frequency. But if fights become illegal, it'd be equally important to double down on cheap shots and hits to the head."

"Will this completely eliminate fighting?" Nadeau questioned, as reported by the Canadian Press. "Perhaps it will occur less frequently. However, if fights are deemed illegal, it would be equally crucial to crack down on cheap shots and hits to the head."

The absence of the threat of physical altercation leaves star players vulnerable to targeting, making this a crucial point to consider. Despite the reasons behind the Q's decision, it seems lacking in careful consideration.

As seen on Hockey Patrol - Don Cherry Breaks His Silence on the Fighting Ban in Junior Hockey
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