Washington Capitals Pay Big Money to Retain Top-Four Defenseman

Published March 11, 2023 at 1:13 PM
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The Washington Capitals have taken a big step to retain one of their key defensemen with a big contract extension, given that they have only two defensemen currently under contract for next season.

Capitals Hand Over Big Money to Trevor Van Riemsdyk

Trevor Van Riemsdyk has agreed to a new contract with the Washington Capitals for three years, worth $9 million, with an average annual value of $3 million.

While this may be a wise decision in the current volatile market for defensemen in free agency, offering a three-year deal to a 31-year-old player carries some risk.

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Van Riemsdyk was previously earning $950,000 annually under a two-year deal with the Capitals, making this a significant increase in salary for him.

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