Capitals Top Forward Shares Personal Reason For Wearing Neck Guard

Austin Kelly
November 4, 2023  (1:08 PM)

A top forward for the Washington Capitals had a strong personal statement explaining why he wore a neck guard in yesterday's game.

Top Capitals Forward Uses Neck Guard

Washington Capitals Forward T.J. Oshie wore a neck guard in the Capitals game yesterday against the San Jose Sharks, sporting a custom neck protector from Oshie's very own Warroad Hockey Co. sporting goods line, which sells cut-resistant equipment such as neck and sleeve protectors, meant to protect from potential cuts.
Oshie was asked for comment after the game on his usage of his Warroad neck guard, saying that he did it for his family, wanting to be there for them and lessen the risk of a dangerous incident on the ice that would impact that.
"I made my own choice for my kids. I want to stick around for them. I'm just trying to decrease the chance of injury.»
Neck guards have come into public conversation in Hockey after Adam Johnson's tragic passing after being cut in the neck in a British Hockey game by an opposing player's skate. The Western Hockey League immediately mandated neck guard protection as of November 3rd, the OHL and QMJHL already having guidelines in place. NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman and NHLPA executive director Marty Walsh have been in talks about a potential implantation of neck guards, although a mandate would be difficult if a player wishes to opt-out. No concrete discussions have been had. Currently, it isn't mandatory to wear neck and sleeve protection in the NHL, although any specifics of what an implementation of League policy would entail is still unknown.
In the meantime, Warroad's neck protectors have clearly shown popularity in the usage of safety equipment on the ice, with the online store being sold out of neck protectors, according to a note on Warroad's website.
Due to an influx of demand for our cut-resistant TILO Neck and Wrist base layers, we recently sold out. We are restocking as quickly as possible.