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Elliotte Friedman Suggests Potential Blockbuster Trade Between Leafs and Flames

Published February 8, 2024 at 5:45 PM
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It's been the narrative for the last 5 years in Leafs land. Every time they fall short in their playoff run and never get to where their potential can be, they blame it on defence. Rightfully so, the Leafs are currently 2nd in the NHL for goals against, a stat where contenders shouldn't be at. They have an opportunity to add defencemen in the upcoming NHL trade deadline, and NHL insider Elliotte Friedman has suggested them a trade partner.

Treliving should tango with former team

In Friedman's 32T podcast, he suggests the idea of the Flames and Leafs working out a blockbuster regarding Noah Hanifin and Chris Tanev of the Calgary Flames. Obviously it would be a hefty price tag to acquire both defensemen as they are probably the most premium ones available, but a trade like this can give the Leafs contender status the moment a trade like this gets finalized.


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The Flames aren't opposed to selling and creating a fire sale ahead of the deadline as they already traded their number one centre Elias Lindholm to the Vancouver Canucks for Andrei Kuzmenko, a 2024 first round pick and two prospects.

A trade between the leafs and flames can look like this:


Leafs receive: Noah Hanifin and Chris Tanev

Flames recieve: Nick Robertson, 2024 first round pick and Fraser Minten

More details to come
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