Brad Treliving Reveals The Severity of Mitch Marners Injury and Status For His Return

Dawson McKenzie
March 19, 2024  (10:34)

Mitch Marner of the Toronto Maple Leafs during a game.
Photo credit: TSN

Toronto Maple Leafs' General Manager Brad Treliving has revealed the severity of Mitch Marner's ankle injury and his timeline for return to play.

Brad Treliving Reveals Mitch Marner's Injury is More Sensitive Than They Expected

Mitch Marner has been out of the Leafs' lineup since he suffered an injury during the matchup against the Boston Bruins when he went down awkwardly after taking a shot on goal. It was previously revealed that he suffered a high ankle sprain, and the Leafs chose to keep him out of the lineup in order to take advantage of some of their days off.
Now, Brad Treliving has said in an interview that they are taking it slowly with Marner, and they will begin to ramp him back up soon.
"In all likelihood, it is a minor injury, but we want to be respectful of it"

"We have some time now. Mitch has been off the ice in the last couple of days, but we will ramp him up this week and take it day by day to see how he is feeling. Hopefully, he will be back sooner than later.

Sheldon Keefe Said Mitch Marner's Injury Hasn't Responded As They'd Hoped

Sheldon Keefe also gave some clarity on Marner's injury, that the ankle injury can be tedious and his isn't responding as quickly as they'd previously hoped. Despite that, Marner is expected to get back into the lineup soon.
It hasn't been responding the way they had hoped,» coach Sheldon Keefe said of Marner's injury and the team's medical staff. «So just stepping back a little bit.

He's not going to be coming on the trip with us. Just trying to get him to the point where he's comfortable throughout the week. So he's day-to-day away from being day-to-day.

Regarding Mitch being out, it creates more opportunities for others to play and to grow. For us, we can learn more about them," said Keefe. "And, at the same time for someone like Mitch specifically, who hasn't had really any time off, in the long run for him ... as much as we miss him, I think it'll be beneficial to him when he does get back.
Leaf fans are definitely hopeful that Marner will return to the lineup soon, as he is the catalyst for the Leafs' offence.
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