Ultimate Leafs Troll Artists Get Noticed for Their Stunts

Published May 3, 2023 at 8:32 PM

A Rivalry Turned Expensive Joke

NHL fanbases often engage in friendly banter, particularly when it comes to rival teams. This spirited rivalry is part of what makes the game enjoyable. However, a recent incident involving two fans has gone viral on social media, proving that there are no boundaries when it comes to rivalry.

Leafs and Canadiens Fans: The Ultimate Rivalry

Leafs fans and Canadiens fans frequently exchange jabs on social media or at games, simply for supporting their rival team. This rivalry contributes to the excitement of hockey, particularly during playoffs. However, one father-daughter duo has taken this rivalry to new heights.

The Unusual Gag: Changing Jerseys

During last night's game, two fans wearing Florida Panthers jerseys were caught on camera, which would typically not be noteworthy. However, fans noticed that the same duo had worn Lightning jerseys during the previous series. Internet sleuths took over from there, discovering that this father and daughter have pulled this gag at least seven times at Leafs games, wearing different team jerseys each time.

A Shared Passion for Hating the Leafs

As it turns out, the pair are Montreal Canadiens fans who use their shared dislike for the Leafs as an opportunity to not only cheer for the opposing team but also to spend quality time together. They explained their reasoning:

That's why we decided, ‘Ok, we'll cheer for the Habs and then whoever the Leafs are playing against as our two favourite teams.'

Continuing the Tradition

One thing is certain: if the Leafs persist in their playoff push, these two dedicated fans will be there to continue their unique jersey-changing tradition.

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Ultimate Leafs Troll Artists Get Noticed for Their Stunts

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