Trade Candidates Emerge As The Leafs Season Nears

Published August 20, 2023 at 4:16 PM

The Maple Leafs may be moving on from a couple of players in favor of some new talent.

Three Potential Trade Candidates

The Toronto Maple Leafs are currently poised for further strategic maneuvers, with a keen eye on player transactions. Among the team's deliberations, three players have emerged as prime candidates for potential trades.


Reports suggest that negotiations with Nylander have encountered significant hurdles, characterized by a notable $2 million disparity between his contract demands and the Leafs' proposed offer. This contentious gap in expectations makes the prospect of trading Nylander a sensible consideration.

The impending decision on his fate could occur either before the commencement of the season or be deferred until the trade deadline. In either scenario, the writing on the wall implies that Nylander's tenure in Toronto may be nearing its conclusion.



Nick Robertson's tenure within the team's ranks has been marked by an inability to substantiate his worthiness for a consistent spot on the roster. Throughout his participation in 31 NHL games, Robertson's point tally has remained modest at seven.

Amidst this struggle, his prospects of securing a spot in the Leafs' lineup for the approaching season appear challenging. The added factor of only one year remaining on his entry-level contract lends a strategic advantage to the Leafs, as it augments the potential for securing an optimal return in exchange for the budding winger's talents.



Although the Leafs successfully allocated Matt Murray to the Long-Term Injured Reserve (LTIR), deliberations loom regarding the advisability of a trade transaction prior to the upcoming summer.

The potential to acquire a valuable draft pick for Murray may serve as the decisive factor prompting the Leafs to seize such an opportunity.


As the Maple Leafs' deliberations and decisions unfold, a salient question arises: which among the trio will likely depart first? The impending decisions surrounding Nylander, Robertson, and Murray reverberate with the potential to reshape the team's composition, strategies, and future course.

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Trade Candidates Emerge As The Leafs Season Nears

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