Surprising Clause in Martin Jones' Contract Will Dissuade Teams to Claim Him Off Waivers

Published October 9, 2023 at 10:15

NHL teams are placing a lot of players on waivers as they finalize their rosters for the upcoming season. However, there's a unique contract clause in the case of one Maple Leafs player that might discourage other teams from claiming him.

Unusual Contract Clause Could Prevent Jones from Being Claimed


When the Toronto Maple Leafs signed Martin Jones, they saw him as the third goaltender on the roster, which meant he would likely need to go through waivers if sent down. In anticipation of this, the Maple Leafs included a clause in his contract to dissuade other teams from claiming him.

Of note with veteran #leafs goaltender Martin Jones currently on waivers: Any team putting in a successful claim will owe him a $100,000 bonus payment tomorrow.

That was structured into the $875,000, one-year contract he signed in August.

With this clause in place, any team claiming Jones would immediately owe him an additional $100,000. While this may not be a substantial amount, it could potentially influence another team's decision to claim Jones over another available goalie.

Maple Leafs' Need for Goaltending Depth


Considering the uncertainty surrounding Toronto's goaltending situation, having depth is essential for the team. Ilya Samsonov is likely to be the team's starter after an impressive year, but he has a history of inconsistency.

Joseph Woll, Samsonov's backup, has limited NHL experience, and while he has shown promise, young goaltenders can struggle with inconsistency. Having Martin Jones available in the AHL could provide a valuable safety net if either of the main roster goalies encounters difficulties.

Martin Jones brings significant goaltending experience to the organization, despite his recent struggles. Nevertheless, losing him via waivers could still be a significant setback for the Maple Leafs.

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Surprising Clause in Martin Jones' Contract Will Dissuade Teams to Claim Him Off Waivers

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