Toronto Maple Leafs goalie Joseph Woll making a save on Buffalo Sabres forward Dylan Cozens.
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Shocking Update Regarding Maple Leafs Joseph Woll's Health After The All-Star Break

Published February 4, 2024 at 3:39 PM
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The Toronto Maple Leafs have been without their top goaltender Joseph Woll since he sustained in injury on December 7th. Today a shocking update was provided by the Maple Leafs about his health status.

Maple Leafs Insider Provides Shocking Update On Woll's Health

A new report by Toronto Maple Leafs insider David Alter has sent the Toronto fanbase into a frenzy. According to Alter, Joseph Woll will not be at practice today. This comes as a shock because Woll was expected back on the ice after the All-Star break concluded.

Update: Joseph Woll not a Leafs practice this afternoon, Woll was expected to be with the team after the break however that isn't that case.

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Joseph Woll not yet taking part in Leafs practice

Ilya Samsonov and Martin Jones are the goalies on the ice

The Toronto Maple Leafs will now approach the trade deadline with Joseph Woll's health still in question. This could affect how they approach the trade deadline.

Woll's Absence Could Impact Maple Leafs' Trade Deadline Plans

As of today, the Toronto Maple Leafs have several different needs to improve their roster. Depending on which fan or media member you ask different needs have become the most important to fill.

Their depth scoring has been a huge issue that many want to improve before the deadline passes. Also due to injuries the Maple Leafs defensive group is severely depleted. However, if Woll is unable to return in the next couple of weeks goaltender tops the list.

The injury report for the Toronto Maple Leafs will have a ton of eyes on it until Woll officially makes his way back. Once he is back it will be a huge weight lifted off of the shoulders of GM Brad Treliving.
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