Senators Star Throws Shade at the Leafs Core Four

Dawson McKenzie
September 19, 2023  (8:16)

This Senators Star had some indirect comments about why he thinks the Leafs Core Four won't win a Stanley Cup.

Tim Stutzle Makes Comments About Overpaid Players and the Salary Cap

In a recent interview with the Athletic, Tim Stutzle had some backhanded comments indirectly pointing to players who make over 10 million dollars. He believes that he and his teammates, who are all making under 9 million, are set for success with the current Salary Cap situation.
"Personally, I think if someone is making $10 or $11 million it makes it hard to win with the salary cap." Stutzle said. "But with everyone making under $9 million in our young core, I think we have a really good chance to win. And the only goal I really have is to win a Stanley Cup with this group of guys."

Can Teams Win With Players Making Over 10 Million?

Obviously, his comments weren't directed at the Leafs, however, they are the team with the most players making over 10 million. With Nylander's contract negotiations ongoing, it's hard not to think of the Leafs when hearing Stutzle's comments.
While his comments make sense and the Senators are one of few teams in the league not facing an overbudgeted cap situation, it is not always the case that this is the best and only way to win. Last year's Cup winner had 2 players making over 9 million. Same with the year prior, 2 players on the Avalanche made over 9 million.
Really, the Stanley Cup is just hard to win, no matter how much you get paid to try and do so.
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