Reporter Reveals Possible Tension Between Auston Matthews and the Leafs

Published August 22, 2023 at 9:30

The Toronto Maple Leafs are at a crucial juncture in their franchise history, grappling with a lack of playoff success over the past two decades. As they consider contract extensions for two vital players, the future of their core team hangs in the balance.

The Core


Mitch Marner, Auston Matthews, William Nylander, and John Tavares have been the core of the Leafs' squad for nearly seven years. But the disappointing reality is that their efforts have only yielded a single playoff series win.

As Matthews and Nylander enter their contract years, all options are on the table for the Leafs' front office duo of Brad Treliving and Brendan Shanahan—and rightfully so.

Rising Tensions?

However, a report from journalist Howard Berger suggests that tensions may be brewing between Matthews and the Leafs. The two sides have been engaging in discussions, but if an agreement was imminent, it likely would have happened by now.

Berger's recent article hints at a potential rift developing as Matthews seeks a blockbuster deal. Yet, with a lack of playoff success, the likelihood of Matthews walking away from the Leafs is increasing.

There is still a window of time before Matthews could enter free agency, but the longer it takes to secure an extension, the more the tensions may escalate. If the Leafs fail to achieve playoff success by the end of the season, Berger suggests the Leafs may need to explore options for two or three players to replace the $13 million gap that would result from Matthews' departure.

As seen on Hockey Patrol - Reporter Hints At Possible Tension Between Maple Leafs And Matthews
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Reporter Reveals Possible Tension Between Auston Matthews and the Leafs

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