Report: Matt Murray's Future may be Decided this Friday

Elliot Ben Jacob
June 14, 2023  (3:01 PM)

Anticipating Matt Murray's Upcoming Decision

This coming Friday signifies an important day as it brings with it the potential clarification regarding Matt Murray's future.
This specific Friday will be a major turning point because the NHL buyout window opens, presenting an opportunity to determine whether Matt Murray is purchased or not.

Understanding the Leafs' Cap Crunch Situation

Being in the midst of a cap crunch, the Leafs' decisions will be under scrutiny, with the objective being to free up some cap space.
The spotlight is primarily on Matt Murray, whose cap hit of $4,687,500 is considered substantial despite not being the team's starting player.

The Potential Consequences of a Murray Buyout

If the Leafs choose to buy out Murray, it will lead to a saving of precisely $4 million in the following year. Nonetheless, this move would entail a $2 million due for Murray in 2024-25.
This could be an additional setback if the team aims to re-sign players such as Matthews and Nylander.

Implications of a Buyout on the Leafs' Strategy

Opting for a Murray buyout could be a stopgap solution for the Leafs until larger contracts like TJ Brodie's come to an end.
This would also assist Toronto in preserving much of their depth considering they have only $9 million in cap space to re-sign 10 UFAs and to negotiate a new contract with Ilya Samsonov.
The recent example set by Vegas – illustrating that depth and defense are crucial for winning championships – is expected to motivate Brad Treliving to reinforce both areas.
The most viable approach to achieve sufficient flexibility for these necessary adjustments would be to save $4 million through a Murray buyout.

Awaiting Brad Treliving's Decisions

The seemingly straightforward option of buying out Murray might not be so clear-cut. Ultimately, the forthcoming moves and decisions rest in the hands of Brad Treliving, the man steering the ship, and everyone is eagerly waiting to see his next move.