Referee Controversy Surrounds Maple Leafs' Game Three

Published May 7, 2023 at 12:20

Maple Leafs Face Crucial Game Three Amid Officiating Controversy

As the Maple Leafs prepare for game three in Florida tonight, recent news has stirred up concerns among fans. Throughout the post-season, Toronto and its supporters have been constantly clashing with regards to the officiating, and now their most significant match will feature some questionable referee choices.

Wes McCauley Appointed as Referee for Game Three

Wes McCauley has a generally favourable reputation amongst hockey fans, however, Toronto fans have a different opinion, as they believe McCauley has a personal bias against Toronto, and officiates the leafs games unfairly.

Although these suspicions may seem unfounded, there is an argument to be made, thanks to McCauley's brother in law who butted heads with Leafs coach Sheldon Keefe in a legal case.

This legal case, along with past disagreements during games between Sheldon and McCauley, has led many Leafs fans to believe that McCauley harbours a personal vendetta against The Leafs and that he should no longer officiate any Leafs games.

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Referee Controversy Surrounds Maple Leafs' Game Three

Should McCauley be allowed to officiate Leafs games?

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