Paul Bissonnette Shames Islanders Fans For Terrible Actions Towards John Tavares During Milestone Moment

Dawson McKenzie
December 12, 2023  (10:21)

Last night, John Tavares was able to hit a milestone that not many NHL players are able to do, and Islanders fans showed their true colours with their terrible behaviour.

John Tavares Reaches 1000 Career Points With Game Tying Assist in Dying Seconds of Game

Last night, John Tavares was set for another reunion with his former team, the New York Islanders. Islanders fans notoriously hate Tavares for deciding to sign with his hometown team the Toronto Maple Leafs when he became a free agent. It seems they still have not gotten over it, as he was booed last night during the game.
However, he was also just two points shy of 1000 career points, and the booing did not stop him from recording a goal and an assist, hitting the incredible milestone.
John Tavares' 1,000th point + His Dad's reaction on the goal
However, as the Islanders organization congratulated their captain for the incredible achievement by showing Tavares' 1000 points on the jumbotron, fans continued to boo.
UBS congratulated Tavares for his 1000th point on the jumbotron, but Isles fans weren't having it 😳

Noted Leaf Fan Paul Bissonnette Calls Out Islanders Fans

Paul Bissonnette, an avid Leaf fan, took it into his own hands to call out Islanders fans for their actions towards Tavares during the celebration.
What a disgrace. Islanders fans are clowns. Booing a guy who gave his left nut to your organization. No wonder he left. Classless. Now we're going to pump your eyes shut in OT.
You'd think that the Islanders fans would at least be able to be proud of the fact that a ton of his 1000 points came in their jersey, but they still carry the hate from 5 years ago.
As seen on The Hockey Beast - "Paul Bissonnette furiously calls out the Islanders, slams crowd for behavior towards John Tavares after reaching 1000 points"