O'Reilly Uncertain If His Time With The Leafs Will Continue

Published May 15, 2023 at 4:39 PM

Annual Media Availability: Toronto Maple Leafs' Season Concludes

The Toronto Maple Leafs officially concluded their season on Friday following a loss in the fifth game. The annual end-of-season media availability was held this morning, with several team members speaking up. One notable voice was that of center Ryan O'Reilly, who came to the team as a major acquisition at the trade deadline.

Ryan O'Reilly: A Valuable Addition

As the Toronto Maple Leafs fanbase, or Leafs Nation, is known for its critical perspective on players and management, it's important to acknowledge those who have lived up to expectations. Ryan O'Reilly deserves to be recognized as such a player.

Despite a difficult season and a lingering finger injury, O'Reilly brought depth and stability to the team, contributing significantly to the team's best playoff run in nearly two decades.

In the postseason, O'Reilly scored 9 points in 11 games, proving himself a near point-per-game player, primarily anchoring the third line. Furthermore, he managed to tally 11 points during his 13 regular-season games for the Leafs, including a notable hat-trick against the Buffalo Sabres.

O'Reilly's Future with the Leafs

During the end-of-season media availability, O'Reilly was confronted with the question on everyone's mind: will he consider staying with the Leafs for the foreseeable future? His response was very positive about his time with the team, with one caveat.

Although O'Reilly didn't firmly commit to a return, he didn't dismiss the possibility either. If both parties can agree on a fair contract, it would be a remarkable move for the Maple Leafs.

O'Reilly's grit and winning mentality make him a desired presence in any hockey club, particularly when it comes to the crucial month of April.

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