New Bombshell Report Reveals Leafs Could Have Had Victor Hedman In 2009

Graham Montgomery
December 2, 2023  (6:05 PM)

Sometimes its the trades that didn't happen that shape the future of the NHL. Today we learned of one close-call that dramatically altered the future of at least two NHL teams including the Maple Leafs.

Leafs Could Have Had Hedman At 2009 NHL Entry Draft

Elite number one defenseman are hard to find. The vast majority of the time, the only chance NHL teams get to acquire them is at the draft. Of course, prospects can be unpredictable though so there is always risk with relying on draft picks to turn out well. However, one particular draft pick in 2009 seemingly altered the fate of two NHL clubs for decades to come.
A new video of former Leafs general manager Brian Burk has revealed that the team was involved in trade talks with the Tampa Bay Lightning regarding the 2nd overall pick in the 2009 draft. Burke noted that the Lightning were asking for Luke Schenn as part of the trade and Burke did not want to part ways with him so the deal never materialized.
Brian Burke refusing to include Luke Schenn in a potential trade for Victor Hedman 🤯

The Lightning went on to steal the Leafs colours and win multiple Stanley Cups 😤

Hedman To The Toronto Maple Leafs: What Could Have Happened?

As we all know, Victor Hedman went on to become one of the most dominant defenseman in the entire NHL. While he is on the back nine of his career now, he is still a highly effective offensive weapon and he's been one of the most important pieces on multiple Stanley Cup Winning teams in Tampa Bay.
So what could have happened if the Leafs drafted him instead? Who knows. The Lightning likely would not have won two Stanley Cups, that is fir sure. Hedman played a critical role on both squads, including a Conn-Smyth win in 2019-20. Could he have carried the Leafs to the promise land had they drafted him in 2009? We will never know.