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NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman Speaks On The Possibility Of A Second Franchise In Toronto

Published June 5, 2023 at 8:53

The NHL is currently deliberating on the future of the Arizona Coyotes after their unsuccessful attempt to relocate to the Tempe Entertainment District. Speculations regarding potential locations for the Coyotes are widespread.

Toronto Coyotes?

Amidst these rumors, there has been discussion about the prospect of introducing a second franchise in Toronto, the largest city in Canada. Drawing a comparison to New York, where both the Rangers and the Islanders coexist successfully, many believe that a second team in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) could flourish.


When questioned about the possibility of a second team in the GTA, NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman responded in a predictable manner, given his perceived bias towards Canada. He promptly dismissed the idea, quicker then Jonathan Quick's tenure as a Columbus Blue Jacket.

A Resounding "NO" to a Second GTA Franchise


"The discussion takes place in your world more than it does in ours. It's a matter of speculation, it's a matter of putting things out there, but in terms of the interest, the reality, what's involved. It's not something that seems to be resonating the way other markets and other ownership requests are resonating for whatever reason or reasons"

- Bettman on the idea of a second GTA-based team

Let's be real no matter how good a team would do in Toronto, Quebec, or anywhere else in Canada if Bettman is still Commissioner don't expect to see it happen.

Source:Maple Leafs Insider
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NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman Speaks On The Possibility Of A Second Franchise In Toronto

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