Morgan Rielly Expresses Opposition To New NHL Policy Surrounding Pride Night

Published October 10, 2023 at 6:19 PM

In a move that was widely reported yesterday, the NHL announced a ban on pride tape at all NHL events. Many have spoken out in opposition to the policy including one Leafs Blueliner.

Rielly Speaks Out Against Pride Tape Ban

The veteran defenseman has a history of being involved in LGBTQ hockey community events and is now criticizing the NHL's latest policy. In an interview this morning, Rielly had this to say.

"I wish players had the right to do more and be more involved. I'm going to continue to be involved in the community and offer support to those communities and those groups that want that, need that."
- Morgan Rielly

Rielly has established himself as a proud ally of the LGBTQ community and he continues to show his support with statements like this. As the NHL looks to become more restrictive in terms of what players can do or say while on the clock, statements like this show that some players are not afraid to stand up to league policies they disagree with.

Pride Tape Addresses NHL Ban

The company that produces the rainbow-colored tape, simply called Pride Tape, released a statement on X today addressing the league's ban.

Outsports, a leading voice in LGBTQ sports news and commentary, also addressed the ban this morning, calling the new rule a 'Don't say gay' policy.

It is clear that this policy is divisive and controversial among hockey circles. That begs the question, will the NHL change this policy again in the near future? Such a move could earn the league some positive press, something that has been hard to come by for the league in recent months.

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Morgan Rielly Expresses Opposition To New NHL Policy Surrounding Pride Night

Will the NHL ever reverse this policy?

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