Locker Room Issues Arise In Toronto After Reports Emerges

Published July 13, 2023 at 5:12 PM
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The locker room struggles in Toronto have been revealed by an insider after an old quote emerges.

Leafs Locker Room Chaos

The Toronto Maple Leafs, known for their abundance of talent, have consistently fallen short in the post-season, raising concerns about their ability to succeed when it matters most.

The team's locker room has been plagued by internal issues, as highlighted by recent acquisitions Ryan O'Reilly and Luke Schenn, who have voiced their concerns about the lack of team culture and subsequently left for Nashville in free agency.

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These problems have prompted discussions about the possible removal of John Tavares' captaincy, as his tenure has seen the Leafs experience regular-season success without any Stanley Cup triumphs.

Not Eating As A Team

It is well known that team bonding exercises can help the overall morale and help the team get closer together.

While it can be as simple as a group warm-up, it seems that the Leafs' group has not done anything together outside of practice and games.

Insider Luke Fox provided this quote from Sheldon Keefe.

Sheldon Keefe says this is the first series in his time where all Leafs players are eating dinner together on the road. Believes being on the road will help them not get overwhelmed by size of the moment.

Not getting meals together as a team is brutal for the Leafs, especially considering how most other teams consistently eat meals as a group.

With it being the first time the Leafs ate together since Keefe assumed the Head Coach role in Toronto, one can only imagine how tense their locker room is.

As read on Hockey Patrol - Reports Indicate Massive Issues Emerging Within the Toronto Maple Leafs Locker Room
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