Leafs Coach Sheldon Keefe Accuses Panthers of Deliberately Attempting to Cause Injury

Elliot Ben Jacob
May 12, 2023  (2:23 PM)

Post-Game Remarks by Sheldon Keefe

Following game 4 of the second round series against the Florida Panthers, Sheldon Keefe, the head coach of Toronto Maple Leafs, expressed his dissatisfaction. Known for his candidness, Keefe did not restrain his discontent over an incident involving his player, David Kampf.
Keefe shared his thoughts with reporters, revealing his belief that Radko Gudas of the Panthers intentionally targeted Kampf with a violent hit into the boards. He stated that he believed Gudas or The Panthers entirely were intentionally targeting Kampf and that Gudas was well aware of the whistle being blown and simply wanted to hurt Kampf.

The Controversial Hit

The hit that sparked the controversy saw Gudas forcefully pushing Kampf into the boards near his own net. This occurred as the referee was signaling a halt to the play due to a penalty. Despite the severity of the hit, Gudas faced no subsequent penalty.
You can view the hit here:

Gudas and his Questionable Reputation

Gudas has garnered a reputation in the league for his aggressive style of play, often teetering on the edge of acceptability. His determination to commit to a hit is well-known, regardless of the circumstances. Despite the outcry from Leafs fans, Gudas received no additional disciplinary action from the NHL's Department of Player Safety for his hit on Kampf.

Upcoming Game 5: A Do-or-Die for the Leafs

The Toronto Maple Leafs find themselves in a precarious position as they face the Panthers tonight in game 5 of their series. Trailing behind with one win to Florida's three, Toronto must secure a victory to extend their season.