Kyle Dubas May be Stolen by a Surprising NHL Team

Published April 14, 2023 at 9:46
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As Kyle Dubas' time with Toronto comes to an end after this season, he's expected to get plenty of offers if he doesn't stick with the team. One particular offer might be too good to turn down.

Penguins Ready to Give Dubas Blanca Cheque

There are a few things going on here.

First, the Penguins didn't make the playoffs for the first time since 2007, and they're eager for a change. This will probably lead to Ron Hextall getting fired and maybe even Brian Burke leaving the team.

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In Columbus, it seems everyone believes Ron Hextall will be let go soon, and maybe Brian Burke too.

Next, the Penguins are actually owned by Maple Leafs Sports Entertainment (MLSE). So if Dubas gets a job in Pittsburgh, it would be kind of like moving up within the same company.

Lastly, it looks like the Penguins are ready to give Dubas all the money he wants to bring his skills to their team.

There's talk that Dubas could get full control over Hockey Operations and a blank cheque if he goes to Pittsburgh.

Dubas really loves the Leafs, but a huge pay bump might be too tempting to pass up. The big question now is: will he win a championship in Toronto or Pittsburgh first?

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