Friedman Links Big 6 Foot 7 Defenseman to the Maple Leafs

Published October 11, 2023 at 8:06

On yesterdays 32 Thoughts podcast Elliotte Friedman revealed some pretty interesting news regard the Leafs and their defensive core.

Friedman Links Massive 6 Foot 7 Oilers Defenseman to Toronto

Elliotte Friedman shared on his podcast that prior to the Leafs trading Sam Lafferty that several teams where interested, including the Edmonton Oilers.

When discussing the Lafferty trade scenario, Friedman revealed the Leafs had strong interest in a particular physical defenseman in Edmonton. That player being 27-year-old Vincent Desharnais, a physical 6-foot-7 defenseman.


Maple Leafs Looking To Bolster Defensive Core

Its no doubt that many fans believe that the Leafs defensive core is looking small and weak. The Panthers were able to physically dominate the Leafs in the post season and while they were able to make the forwards stronger and more tough, the defense did not receive the same love.

Friedman on 32T: "I think EDM was a team that liked Lafferty and I wouldn't be surprised if Toronto called the Oilers about Lafferty and fished around Desharnais. That's the kind of player I could see Toronto fishing around on this year and doing it at this time"

The star studded Maple Leafs lineup always do well in the regular season due to the game being more skill and speed. However the playoffs is more physically demanding. The addition of Desharnais would make the Leafs that much harder to play.

Under Brad Treliving the Leafs are getting bigger and stronger, moving them from skill and speed to trying to making this team more playoff ready.

As Seen on Hockey Latest - Friedman Links Promising 6 Foot 7 Defenseman to the Maple Leafs
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Friedman Links Big 6 Foot 7 Defenseman to the Maple Leafs

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