Former Maple Leafs Star Addresses Fan Criticism In Latest Interview

Published October 8, 2023 at 11:27

The fans in Toronto are often criticized for just how passionate and intense they are, especially surrounding their Maple Leafs, but now, a former Leaf has offered an apology to them.

A former Leafs criticism


After playing in Toronto for six seasons, winger Joffrey Lupul saw plenty while he was with the Maple Leafs, and unfortunately, that meant plenty of ugliness after games as well.

"I played in Toronto a long time and the best thing about playing there is the fans and the worst thing about playing there is the fans. You'd be out after a game [after] you got your ass kicked and someone's just like, 'f**k, you guys suck' or something, and most of the time you just shake it off, but the odd time, I'd be like 'f**k you', and after that I'm like, I never really understand why these fans feel the need to do that... until [Wednesday]."

In his latest interview with the Missin' Curfew podcast however, the now retired forward may have changed his mind on those fans.

A change of heart

After seeing the recent performance of the Toronto Blue Jays, Lupul has revealed that he understands exactly where they're coming from.

After that game, I total get it now. It would be my obligation as a Jays fan, if I saw the Manager, or [Vladdy] Guerrero somewhere, to be like, 'what the f**k were you thinking?', so, to any of those fans I told to shut up, I apologize. I totally understand it now. It took me 40 years, but [Wednesday] was like, I get it. I understand what these people are doing.

It was an ugly scene in Toronto recently as the Jays scored just one run in their two game sweep against the Minnesota Twins, and with their fans on edge, this should be a very interesting NHL season for the Leafs.

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Former Maple Leafs Star Addresses Fan Criticism In Latest Interview

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