Former Leaf Cites Kyle Dubas Firing As Reason Why He Left Maple Leafs

Graham Montgomery
December 8, 2023  (8:26 PM)

Former Leafs defenseman Luke Schenn explained why he left Toronto this past offseason. The reasoning he gave might disappoint some Leafs fans.

Schenn Blames Leafs Firing Dubas For Reason Why He Signed In Nashville

Many Leafs fans expected the 34-year-old veteran blueliner to re-sign with the Leafs after they acquired him from Vancouver last season. However, he would eventually sign a three-year deal with the Nashville Predators instead.
Schenn was on the Leafs Nation to discuss the move. He did express a desire to stay in Toronto but ultimately explains that it was a business move. After all, the Predators did offer him a very substantial contract given the role he is expected to play on the team.
"Things happened right after the year and you lose out a tough series in Florida and like every year, you have your year-end meeting and I met with Kyle and his staff and there was talk about coming back - depending on what was going to happen with his situation - and at the end of the day, this game we all know it, it's the game we all love but in reality it's business, you're talking to one guy you thought was going to be in charge and we all did."

It seems like he had a plan in place to stay in Toronto with Kyle Dubas but the former general manager of the team was given the axe before he could finalize the deal. He went on to explain that negotiations did continue with Brad Treliving but the new GM was unable to fit him in under the cap.
"Then things changed and Tre came in and had some good conversations with him too and at the end of the day everyone wanted to make it work and there's no secret, I started in Toronto and loved it there and got a chance the second time around which was kind of like a dream come true to get another chance to play there and a chance to play in the playoffs but in reality they're tight against the cap and business-side of things unfortunately came into it..."

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Schenn's Slow Start With The Predators

Unfortunately for Schenn, this season has not gone to plan so far. He suffered a major injury early in the season, setting him back over a month.
He has since returned from the injury but he has only managed to get into 8 games so far this season and he is yet to record a point with the Predators. The veteran blueliner has played in 941 NHL games so far with eight different clubs. He has 42 goals and 149 points. His next chance to get his first with the Predators will come tomorrow night as they appropriately take on the Toronto Maple Leafs.