Elliotte Friedman Predicts Maple Leafs Will Acquire Hometown Beast in the Off-Season

Published May 24, 2023 at 2:51

Perry: a Controversial Player

In the world of hockey, Corey Perry stands out as a notably annoying and provocative figure. Nonetheless, these traits don't make him a deficiency; instead, they contribute to making him a desirable asset to any team.

Three Consecutive Cup Finals

Essentially the epitome of a hockey warrior, Perry has demonstrated his resilience by participating in three consecutive cup finals. He played through all sorts of challenges - sweat, blood, and tears.

Before committing to a two-year deal in Tampa Bay, Perry was speculated to be a potential captain for the Montreal Canadiens.

Both of these teams share a mutual rival: the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Perry's Potential Homecoming and Role with the Leafs

As a native of Peterborough, it wouldn't be entirely unexpected if Perry chose to retire at home.

Given that the Maple Leafs are keen on adding some intensity to their lineup, Perry could indeed be a fitting choice.

Renowned sports commentator Elliotte Friedman couldn't help but make this link in his newest issue of 32 Thoughts

Possible Future with Maple Leafs?

Looks like Corey Perry will be hitting the market. After all these years, do the Maple Leafs finally make it work? Think of the content.

Having won the Stanley Cup before, Perry may still very well want to take another shot at the title. However, the question is, does he trust the Toronto Maple Leafs enough to make it happen?

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Elliotte Friedman Predicts Maple Leafs Will Acquire Hometown Beast in the Off-Season

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