Dubas's Hopes for GM Role Dashed by Another Setback

Published May 31, 2023 at 10:25

Dubas's Hopes for GM Role Dashed by Another Setback

Just when we thought former Toronto Maple Leafs' GM Kyle Dubas was all set to head to Pittsburgh, the narrative might be taking an unexpected twist. As per Frank Seravalli, it seems like Dubas is reconsidering his options and might be holding back.

In a recent podcast, Seravalli shed light on how the winds have shifted over the past couple of days. The sure-shot bet of Dubas joining the Penguins is no longer a certainty.

"I saw a report in the last half hour from Mark Madden from 105.9 the X in Pittsburgh, a well-connected guy in the Pittsburgh scene, reporting that Kyle Dubas is closing in on a contract with the Pittsburgh Penguins. That contradicts nearly everything I've heard. I have some indications—not firm enough to report with certainty—that there's been a lot of buzz in the last 24 hours that Kyle Dubas has indeed turned down the Pittsburgh Penguins... It seems there's a suggestion that the Penguins and Fenway Sports Group have re-engaged with some other candidates they were previously interviewing. This lends to the speculation that Kyle Dubas has turned them down. But again, nothing I'm comfortable sharing officially." - Frank Seravalli

Additionally, Seravalli discussed the high-pressure nature of the GM role at Pittsburgh Penguins, where the objective is to win as soon as possible. However, with the team's core aging, the situation is getting complicated.

"You might have a chance to win for maybe two more years, and even then you're going to have to move heaven and earth to make it happen. Then you'll start the tear-down process that's going to take five-seven-eight years or more, so you're looking at a 10-year span where the Penguins aren't going to be a very competitive team. They'll be like the Blackhawks. Are you ready to sign up for that?"

Such a standpoint could play a massive role in Dubas's decision. The situation is a lot different than what he inherited in Tonroto. In contrast, the goal in Pittsburgh would merely be to secure a playoff spot, a task that's only going to get harder considering the Penguins' current form.

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Dubas's Hopes for GM Role Dashed by Another Setback

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