Company that Owns the Toronto Maple Leafs in Serious Tax Debt

Published July 5, 2023 at 4:38 PM
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MLSE named one of Toronto's Biggest Property Tax Debtors

The Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment Group, the Company that owns the Leafs, Argos, Raptors, and Toronto FC, is in some serious financial trouble according to CBC.

Dating back to the 2019 tax bracket, the city of Toronto claims that MLSE owes approximately $1.18 million in unpaid taxes.

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The company is disputing this claim stating that they are neither owners or tenants of BMO Field (where the Argos and FC play), but operates under a management agreement with the city, and the teams pay the city a "user fee" and not rent, therefore should not be held responsible for the taxes.

MLSE Worth Billions

With the amount they charge per ticket price for games at the Scotiabank Arena, wouldn't you think that the MLSE would be able to scrape together $1.18 million in their owed taxes?
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