William Nylander Signs a New Contract, But It's Not What You'd Assume

Published July 5, 2023 at 1:50 PM
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William Nylander Signs a Deal

Toronto Maple Leafs' forward William Nylander has only a year left on his contract and it's been reported that the negotiations have hit a wall. He apparently asking for $10 million and the Leafs are thinking of a salry closer to $8 million.

While it may take time to sign in Toronto, Nylander didn't waste any second for another deal he put his name on.


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Nylander Joins the Sherwood Team

Nylander reached a deal with Sherwood and we'll see him wear their equipment next season!

The brand Sherwood announced the signing using their TikTok account with an exciting video of Nylander joining the team.

This signing comes right after Sherwood successfully negotiated with up-and-coming star Connor Bedard.

Sherwood seems to be quietly forming a dream team of top NHL players. With players like Matthew Tkachuk, Mikko Rantanen, Alex DeBrincat, and now Nylander and Bedard, it's clear that Sherwood is building a strong group of ice hockey stars.

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