Biznasty Believes the Sens Deliberately Turned Off the Lights in the Arena Against the Leafs

Dawson McKenzie
December 8, 2023  (3:03 PM)

During last night's game, a wild scene happened in the final minute of play that saw the lights turned off. Paul Bissonnette claims it was the Senators cheating.

Bissonnette Thinks the Senators Were Cheating During the Final Minute of Play Last Night

Paul Bissonnette has become well known for his fandom for the Toronto Maple Leafs, so during last night's game, he went off on social media when he thought the Senators were cheating.
During the final minute of play, as the Senators were trying to tie the game with the goalie out, the lights strangely went out during the play. This, Biz claims, was the Senators trying to cheat for a last-second goal.
I want answers @Senators. #FlickerGate
The Senators tried to flicker the lights on Martin Jones mid play with the extra attacker to distract him. Gary needs to look into that. Take another draft pick away. That's Belichick type stuff.
Good guys win again. We own Ottawa. I thought the Senators deserved a better fate until they tried to cheat at the end of the game that was ridiculous. Who hits the dimmers mid play? Gutless. Martin Jones and Woll deserve the belt tonight. #leafsforever
I'm not dropping this either. The @nhl and Gary need to look into #FlickerGate. They should lose at least a 1st rounder for «forgetting» to pay the hydro bill. What does honorary Leaf for the night @MarcMethot3 think about this??? I want justice. #battleofontario

Leafs Get Last Laugh As Light Flicker Doesn't Make a Difference


The whole thing is a half-hearted joke by Biz, but luckily it didn't actually have an impact on the game. It appeared that even the Senators players were slightly taken aback by the sudden darkness, and couldn't take advantage of it.
Can you imagine the mayhem that would have occurred if they had scored with the lights out?
As seen on Hockey Feed - "Paul Bissonnette believes Senators intentionally turned off lights during game against Maple Leafs"