BREAKING: Maple Leafs Forward has officially activated his 10 team no trade clause

Published July 1, 2023 at 12:30
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Nylander Activates his NTC

The Maple Leafs have to deal with a lot of free agents, and one of their most important is William Nylander.

He just activated his 10 teams no-trade clause.

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Nylander, who has been actively discussing a contract extension with the Leafs, has revealed a list of ten teams that he cannot be traded to. This limits the Maple Leafs' options for trading him, as about a third of the league is now off the table.

While we can only speculate about the teams on Nylander's list, it's reasonable to assume that struggling franchises like Arizona and San Jose might be included.

Despite this new complication, the Maple Leafs are still focused on negotiating a contract extension with Nylander. Stay tuned as the situation develops, and we learn more about what lies ahead for the Leafs.

As seen on Hockey Patrol - BREAKING: Leafs Star Officially submits his 10 team no trade clause
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