Auston Matthews' Contract Extension Uncovered by Insider

Published July 13, 2023 at 9:26
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Leaked Information on Matthews' Contract Extension

A wave of potential optimism seems to be brewing for the fans of the Toronto Maple Leafs. There are rumors about a new agreement between the franchise and its star player, Auston Matthews.

Inside Scoop on Matthews' Deal

An insider source has disclosed that the Leafs and Matthews have successfully concluded talks on a long-term extension. This revelation promises stability for Matthews in Toronto, much to the relief of the team's followers.

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For a while now, the progress of these discussions had been shrouded in silence. It's believed that the contract's duration could be around 5 years, or possibly less. However, the exact financial details remain undisclosed at this stage.


The Reason Behind Leafs' Delayed Contract Announcement

Simultaneously, reasons have emerged explaining the prolonged delay in official updates about Matthews' contract situation. The Leafs are reportedly also engaged in trade discussions concerning William Nylander, owing to an unsuccessful extension agreement with him.

The team plans to announce Matthews' extension once they finalize and complete this transaction. This approach demonstrates that the Leafs have learned and matured from their past mistakes.


In the midst of all the unfolding reports about Matthews and Nylander, it's advisable for fans to avoid getting swept away by the conjecture. Rather, it's better to wait for major newsbreaks from well-established insiders.

Interestingly, Brad Treliving seems to be gearing up for a proactive role, potentially reshaping the Leafs' lineup next season with an eye on significant advancement and a potential run at the Stanley Cup.

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