A Substantial Trade Proposal Involving Shane Wright has Emerged

Published July 9, 2023 at 2:15 PM
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High Trade Possibility for Toronto Maple Leafs' Star Forward

In the world of hockey, it is an open secret that William Nylander, star forward of the Toronto Maple Leafs, may be on the trading block.

With his contract rapidly approaching its expiry and his salary demands reportedly exceeding what the Leafs are prepared or able to offer, the probability of a trade is escalating. The rumored figure is almost 10 million dollars per season.

Trade Rumors Abound Amid Unfavorable Developments

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These circumstances, while disadvantageous for Nylander, have sparked a whirlwind of trade rumors. One speculation that stands out involves an intriguing proposition, detailed below:



-Shane Wright
-Adam Larsson
-Kraken's 1st round pick


-William Nylander
-T.J. Brodie

The Impact of the Proposed Trade

This suggested trade has sparked widespread reactions. It represents a significant gamble for Toronto, but has the potential to provide a significant boost to their current money issues.


With such impactful players at the center of the conversation, this proposed trade poses an interesting question: who stands to gain the most.

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