A Decision has Been Made Concerning a Compensation for Amirov's Passing

Published August 15, 2023 at 12:35

The Toronto Maple Leafs have had a rough week.

Just yesterday, the Leafs lost their 2020 first-round draft pick, Rodion Amirov, who tragically died of brain cancer at the young age of 21.

Today, Leafs Nation mourns the passing of a legend, Bob Baun, at 86 years old.

In times like these, it's only natural to seek distractions.

On Twitter, a fan raised an intriguing question.

Compensation for the Leafs?

Though the timing may not be ideal, the question is still valid.

Should the Leafs receive compensation for the loss of Amirov?

"I know it's not the right time for this, but the #LeafsForever    should 100% be awarded a 1st round pick in 2024 as compensation for losing a former 1st round player over an unforseen circumstance (pick 33)."

The Precedent of the "Cherepanov Rule"

This situation brings to mind the case of Alexei Cherepanov, who was drafted by the Rangers in 2007 and tragically passed away in 2008 during a game.

The Rangers were compensated at the time.

"After his death, the New York Rangers sought compensation in the form of an extra draft pick from the NHL. As Cherepanov had not agreed to terms with the club at the time of his death, the team claimed that he was technically eligible to be selected in the 2009 NHL Entry Draft, and they were entitled to compensation. The team was eventually awarded the 17th selection of the second round in the 2009 draft, after the Rangers' proposal was approved by the rest of the league. NHL general managers also voted to adopt a rule change, dubbed the "Cherepanov rule" that would see any future teams receive compensation if a prospect selected in the first round dies before signing a contract."

If the NHL follows this rule, then the Leafs should indeed receive a compensatory draft pick.

It's likely that an official announcement regarding this matter will be made once the timing is deemed appropriate.

As seen on Hockey Patrol - Compensation Decision For Amirov's Passing Has Been Confirmed
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A Decision has Been Made Concerning a Compensation for Amirov's Passing

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