Viral Trade Scenario Sees Erik Karlsson with the Maple Leafs

Julien Trekker
June 26, 2023  (11:30)

Karlsson with the Leafs?

There are rumors going around as we get closer to the NHL Draft and Free Agency that the Leafs are looking to trade for Erik Karlsson. Shane Seney from 'The Leafs Nation' has come up with a trade idea involving Karlsson between the Maple Leafs and the San Jose Sharks.
Here's what the trade would look like:
To Toronto - Erik Karlsson (with 50% of his salary retained)
To San Jose - Timothy Liljegren, Matt Murray, Topi Niemela, and Roni Hirvonen

In this proposed trade, Toronto would get Erik Karlsson, while San Jose would receive Timothy Liljegren, Matt Murray, Topi Niemela, and Roni Hirvonen.

Analyzing the Deal

The Sharks have been considering offers for Karlsson, especially after his great season with 101 points. He has a good chance of winning the Norris Trophy for the third time.
But the Leafs have some tough challenges ahead with their free agents and their cap space. It won't be easy landing Karlsson.
The Sharks currently have the 4th pick in the NHL Draft and are looking to make changes to their roster. They might be interested in getting a promising young player like Macklin Celebrini in the 2024 draft.
The success of the trade for the Sharks will depend on whether the players they receive in return prove to be valuable assets. Liljegren is expected to perform even better with more playing time in San Jose. Murray could help improve their goaltending situation, and Niemela and Hirvonen show potential as future NHL players.
On the other hand, the Maple Leafs are already dealing with the challenge of re-signing their top four forwards. Adding Karlsson to their team, even with some of his salary retained, would increase their financial burden until 2027 when he turns 37.
Both teams have advantages and disadvantages to consider in this potential trade. Ultimately, the decision will come down to determining the best value and evaluating Karlsson's future performance. After his impressive season, it's clear that he still has a lot to offer as a talented defenseman.
Would you like to see Karlsson in Toronto?