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Erik Karlsson Goes Crazy Behind the Bench After a Missed Call

Published March 8, 2023 at 1:11 PM

It's possible that Erik Karlsson will be named the recipient of this season's Norris trophy for being the NHL's top defenseman. However, his performance yesterday did not showcase the level of experience typically associated with a veteran player.

Karlsson Loses it On the Bench

Although Karlsson is on pace to become the first defenseman in 30 years to score 100 points, watching his San Jose Sharks play has been a challenge. Despite his impressive personal performances, the team's struggles have clearly been affecting his mood.

During yesterday's game, Karlsson became visibly upset after a high-stick by Alexander Kerfoot went uncalled, leading to an angry outburst on the bench.

He threw his helmet onto the ice in a fit of frustration and received an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.

After the events, Karlsson spoke, and gave a half-hearted apology:

«It's just a little disrespectful,» Karlsson said. «Understand that they have a tough job. Things are gonna get missed and stuff, but I found that was a hard one to miss.»

He added: «To get disrespected like that, it's tough to take. I lost my cool a little bit after that. I apologize for that, but doesn't matter if it's a 6-nothing game or 1-nothing game, you're still out there trying to play our hardest.»

After the game, Head Coach David Quinn confirmed that the referees did in fact miss the call.

«Yeah, they said they didn't see it,» Quinn said. «Corey (Syvret) said he was behind [Karlsson] and didn't see it.»

The outcome of the game was largely unaffected by whether or not the high-stick was called, as the Avalanche cruised to a commanding 6-0 win.

Source: Hockey Feed
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Erik Karlsson Goes Crazy Behind the Bench After a Missed Call

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