Patrice Bergeron Shares Thoughts On Sidney Crosby's Future With Penguins

Graham Montgomery
March 15, 2024  (8:03 PM)

Sidney Crosby taking a faceoff in the offensive zone against Patrice Bergeron
Photo credit: Dk Pittsburgh Sports

The Penguins are facing tough times as the team continues to get older and hope for the playoffs continues to dwindle. Now both the organization and their players are at a crossroads. One Former NHL captain offered his thoughts on Sidney Crosby's future with the team.

Bergeron Offers Advice To Crosby Regarding Future With Penguins

The former Bruins captain is famous for spending his entire career with the Boston Bruins. He played in 1294 career NHL games and scored 1040 points, all with the Bruins. He expressed hope that Crosby might follow in his footsteps, choosing to spend his entire career with the Penguins.
"I don't know what he's going to do, but as long as he follows his heart. Of course it would be weird to see him in a uniform different than that of the Penguins, because he started there at 18 and he saved the franchise. We'll see what happens next, but for my part, I'm a little more old fashioned and with a loyal side, therefore I hope he can stay."
That being said, Bergeron and Crosby are in very different situations. The Bruins captain chose to retire after a season where his team was still among the best in the league. Crosby, on the other hand, is on an aging Penguins club that has little hope of making the playoffs in the coming years.

NHL Insider Suggests Crosby May Re-Sign With Penguins

Elliotte Friedman revealed on 32 thoughts yesterday that he believes Crosby will stick with the Penguins. He believes the team is prepared to offer him an extension for 2-3 years before his current deal expires. With the captain being on an expiring contract next season, this could be the Penguin's last chance to make a legit run at the playoffs.
"Crosby's earned the right to do what he wants, but, after Kris Letang and Evgeni Malkin signed for term, I don't see him walking away without giving the front office a chance to turn things around. I've said this on the pod, but my guess is they offer him two or three years at $10.5M-ish and we go from there."
It will be interesting to see if that extension is offered or possibly even signed over the summer. If Crosby goes into the regular season without an extension in place, his future could depend on the team's success, or failure, in the regular season prior to the trade deadline.