Pittsburgh Penguins captain Sidney Crosby celebrating a goal
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Sidney Crosby Criticized By Insider For Skimping Out On All-Star Festivities

Published February 3, 2024 at 7:16 PM
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Sidney Crosby has been the best player of his generation in the NHL. However, that is not good enough for everyone as one insider laid into the All-Star today.

Crosby Criticized For Skipping Part Of All-Star Game

Frank Seravalli criticized the Penguins legend today for skipping the player draft at this year's All-Star game. He noted that he was seen relaxing on an outdoor rink in Montana while all the other players were busy being selected into their respective teams.

"I think it's garbage that, year in and year out at All-Star weekend, when he decides to show up and play, that Sidney Crosby doesn't get more heat from anyone. No one is ever critical of Sidney Crosby. 'Oh, he does so much for the game and does all these things that no one realizes'... That's great, he's been an unbelieve ambassador of the game of hockey.

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A video surfaces of him skating at an outdoor rink in Montana enjoying some R&R yesterday. Why is it that every other NHL All-Star can show up and participate in the player draft but Sidney Crosby doesn't and no one says boo about it? It drives me absolutely insane because if it were any other player at any point in time, they would be crushing him, saying 'why are you too big for this?'

That being said, Seravalli also criticized Crosby for attending so few All-Star games throughout his 18-year career. However, he was wrong on this front as he said this year's event was just his '6th or 7th All-Star game.' In fact, this year marks Crosby's 10th time at the event.

Crosby Has Eventful All-Star Weekend Leading Up To Game

Crosby has been very visible at the All-Star weekend since he joined his peers at the event. He even took time to address the issue of the culture of the sport with one reporter privately.

He was also seen chatting with rookie center Connor Bedard, who grew up watching the legendary Penguin win Stanley Cups.

Crosby has been doing his best to pull a mediocre Penguins team into the playoff race. He has 27 goals and 50 points in 46 games so far this season. Stay tuned for more updates on Crosby and the Penguins as we head into a critical trade deadline for the team. It will be very interesting to see what the team does given their position in the standings.

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