Malkin Settles Heated internet Debate Around his Career title

Published July 23, 2023 at 5:41 PM
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The Debate That Took Over the Internet

It was all started just a mere couple days ago the debate between two players Evgeni Malkin and Patrick Kane.

Both players have played over 1000 games in the NHL collecting over 1200 career points and multiple Stanley Cups.

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Malkin responded to this debate by saying the edge goes to 88 or Patrick Kane.

Kane Vs Malkin

In a head to head look it is hard to say who is the better player with stat lines so close to one another.

Fans for Kane say he's better because Kane didn't have a generational talent in Crosby for most of his career, meanwhile fans for Malkin say he is better due to the statline


Both players have dominated the league since they have been in it.

Debates like this really get the internet thinking as half the comments are team Kane and the other half are team Malkin.
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