Insider Reveals Erik Karlsson Could be on the Trade Block Already in Pittsburgh

Dawson McKenzie
December 20, 2023  (11:21)

Photo credit: TSN

This NHL insider has just shared that the Pittsburgh Penguins could be on the lookout for potential moves to part ways with Erik Karlsson, just half a season after the blockbuster deal.

Penguins Rumored to Be Considering Parting Ways with Karlsson

When Erik Karlsson was traded over the offseason from the San Jose Sharks, it came as no surprise. The former Norris Trophy winner needed out of San Jose as they started their rebuild, and now was the time to do so.
The trade was massive, a three-way deal that included Karlsson's new home, the Pittsburgh Penguins, and the Montreal Canadiens.
However, Karlsson has struggled in his first year in Pittsburgh, and now, insider Dan Kingerski of Pittsburgh Hockey Now has revealed that the Penguins could be parting ways with the defenseman much sooner than expected.
"From this view of the church, it seems the Penguins could indeed trade Erik Karlsson. He's here to win, and if that's not going to happen, both sides could find a quick and amicable parting. Dubas could surely recoup the first and second-round picks the Penguins gave up in the deal, if not more, and even come out ahead. However, next summer is the more likely timeframe for that trade because of Karlsson's salary." - Dan Kingerski

Karlsson Trade Would Signified Unexpected Failure on the Season

If the Penguins do move on from Karlsson, it would signify the unexpected failure that this season has been. With Crosby and Malkin nearing the end of their careers, the Penguins went all in on Karlsson to try and go on one last run. With a new GM in their ranks, it seemed last season's failures were behind them.
However, this hasn't been the case. The Penguins are at the bottom of the Eastern Conference, and in limbo to whether or not they should be starting a rebuild.
We will see whether they can turn it around this year, or if the Penguins are due for some more massive changes.
As seen on Hockey Patrol - "Insider Reports Penguins May Be On The Verge Of Trading Erik Karlsson"