TRADE ALERT: Flyers Officially Trade Kevin Hayes

Published June 27, 2023 at 1:10 PM
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Hayes Joins St. Louis Blues

The NHL world was hit with the news of Kevin Hayes' trade to the St. Louis Blues. Kevin Weekes, the NHL insider, made the announcement, sharing that Hayes will be packing his bags for St. Louis.

Hayes' Performance and Speculations on the Trade

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Before his trade, Hayes was coming off an impressive season, boasting a 54-point record that included 18 goals and 36 assists.

Though it's confirmed that the Blues' 2024 6th-round pick forms part of the deal, it's speculated there's more to the return for Hayes.


St. Louis is believed to be adding a top defenseman to sweeten the deal. The specifics of this part of the trade remain unknown at this time.

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