Paul Bissonnette Opens Up on Rangers' Rookie Matt Rempe in a New Video

Julien Trekker
February 29, 2024  (3:28 PM)

New York Islanders' Matt Martin and Rangers' Matt Rempe in a fight.
Photo credit: ESPN

Paul Bissonnette recently opened up on Matt Rempe, the new player for the Rangers who's been the talk of the town in the NHL.

Paul Bissonnette Speaks his Mind on Matt Rempe and the Revival of the NHL's Heavyweight Scene


Even though Matt Rempe has only played six games in the NHL, he's already made a name for himself by taking on some tough opponents like Matt Martin, Nicolas Deslauriers, and Mathieu Olivier.
While some fans are concerned about the potential health risks of Rempe's frequent fights, Bissonnette has nothing but praise for the rookie.
Here's what he had to say:
"Rempe has almost revived the heavyweight title belt back in the NHL. It feels like this young jam and this kid coming in now is maybe even pissing off some of the other guys around the league, saying, who the f*ck is this young punk? But, hey, were they scrapping like this before?

Was there this much talk around fighting, what, two months ago? No, there wasn't. And for you young kids coming up, all you vanilla lates who want to play third, four, fourth line and think he could skill it up, take a page out of Matt Rempe's book, because if this kid wants, he'll be making about a million bucks, maybe 1.5 till he's blue in the face.

So, maybe, who knows? Maybe he starts developing his skills a little bit more, and next thing you know, he's going to be making 3 million on the next contract because he grabbed his nutsack and he got to the league and he doesn't care.

And he'll challenge anyone ready to fucking go. That's what we need to see , more of in the National Hockey League."

You can listen to his full statement in the following video: