Bizzare goal reversal leaves players confused during Canadiens' game

Dawson McKenzie
April 3, 2024  (9:22)

Martin St Louis during the Canadiens game on the bench giving a high five after an apparent goal.
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A unique and bizarre play happened during the Montreal Canadiens versus the Florida Panthers last night where a goal was reviewed and confirmed, then reversed later on in the game.

It's not uncommon for Officials of an NHL game to have to go upstairs for a review to make sure they got the call on the ice correct, and making that call to Toronto is something that happens fairly often. However, what happened last night in the Canadiens and Panthers game was something you don't see every day.
During the play, Brendan Gallagher was trying to squeeze one home on Panthers goaltender Anthony Stolarz as he banged away in the crease, however, Stolarz was able to keep his leg against the post and seemingly keep the puck out. The Officials announced the play would be under review, though, to see if the puck crossed the line.
After reviewing the call, the Officials surprisingly determined that the puck crossed the line, to the shock of fans and players. The Canadiens bench celebrated accordingly. The bizarre part came shortly after when the Official again went to Center Ice to announce that there was a miscommunication and that it was actually no goal.
The most wtf decision I've seen in any NHL hockey game I've watched. LOL 😂🤦‍♂️
It is great that the Officials got the correct call and didn't let anything slide, but it definitely made them look like they did not have the game under control in the slightest.
The Panthers were given a second loss in a row from the Canadiens, which is an unfortunate way for them to have the end of their season heading before playoffs, especially as some players like Ekblad seem to be getting injured. They also can not afford any more suspensions, either.